Leslie Sansone’s Miracle Miles!

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Item ASIN: B01M8I7FE8
Top Feature :
This 15 Mile – 5 DVD System is Easier than ever. Cardio, Strength, Flexibility and more, ALL IN ONE!

Item Description:

The ALL NEW faster way to walk off weight… at home! • Miracle Miles has everything that’s been most effective in walking workouts • Includes 5 complete workout DVDs: 1 Mile, 2 Mile, 3 Mile, 4 Mile and 5 Mile-that’s 15 MILES of walking! • Each DVD is an all-in-one workout with cardio, strength and flexibility! • 3 bonus toning segments • New sculpting Miracle Miles Band • 7-Day Quick Start Walk & Meal Plan • Workout Calendar There’s no place like HOME… to walk yourself healthy! Walk at Home has a 30 day money back guarantee and less S&H.

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