Massage Ball DVD [official], Myofascial Release Video Tutorials | by YOGABODY

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Got Massage Balls, Now What? If you just purchased some awesome massage balls but are unsure how to use them for myofascial release, self massage, and mobility training, then this is the video for you.

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Let me guess… you purchased just purchased some massage balls and you’re not sure exactly how to use them effectively, am I right? If so, this video series is for you. Filmed at the official YOGABODY Fitness Studios in Barcelona, you’ll find 12 step-by-step videos to help you get the most from your self-care sessions using Hurts So Good! Massage Balls (or any other brand of balls). These HD videos come on a sleek DVD that can be used with any PC or Mac computer-or on any DVD Player. Includes both beginner and intermediate variations for all levels. Use these tutorials ad hoc or watch and practice the entire series of poses during one session – it’s up to you! Full-color pose chart included for quick reference.

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