NEW 2 Swords Training Video Techniques Pair Swords Flow Pattern DVD

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You will be purchasing a brand new: Double Sword Flow Patterns DVD Full force, fluid, hard hitting strikes. Using two swords, there are a multitude of flow patterns. Finding proper flow with your strikes is the ultimate goal when training double sword. Once you have proper flow, speed and power comes naturally. You will learn stepping techniques, 4 powerful flow patterns, and much more. Learn the meaning of flow & power with two swords when you train Multi-Range Combat Science. Very Important: It should be known, that this instruction video is considerd a “short”. While the footage is hardly the best, this DVD has 3 basic & 3 advanced techniques, and the complete run time of this video is about 13 minutes. This is not one of those wimpy “theory” instruction DVDs. These DVDs are no frill, no “Hollywood production”, in your face, full of pure HARD HITTING full contact combat tested techniques.

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