RUSSIAN MARTIAL ARTS DVD – SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ TRAINING – Psychophysical Self-Regulation – Martial Arts Instructional Training Video

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50% SUCCESS OF ANY MARTIAL ART TRAINING is the Relaxation and Proper Breathing

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RUSSIAN MARTIAL ARTS DVD #11 BY SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ TRAINING: PSYCHO-PHYSICAL SELF-REGULATION Relaxation and Proper Breathing is 50% success of any Martial Art training. Knowing how to strike and punch is not enough. In order to control your opponent’s movement you need to connect with him on the energy level. And the first step is to generate and manage your own internal energy. Practice combat-breathing methods and special self-regulation techniques to increase your chance of victory! THIS RUSSIAN SYSTEMA DVD IS MUST FOR ANY MARTIAL ARTISTS who want to explore his inner power and BRING HIS SELF-DEFENSE TRAINING TO A NEW LEVEL within the energy correlation.   THIS RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ TRAINING DVD WILL TEACH YOU: Deep Abdominal Breathing Direct Upward Breathing Triple Furnace Breathing Breathing Along The Big Orbit Restorative Breathing Breathing and Movement Correlation Tension & Relaxation Complex Altered State Of Consciousness = The combat trance!   LEARN SECRET SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUES OF RUSSIAN SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ, THE COMBAT OF RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES, GRU UNITS MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR: Vadim Starov, the President and Chief-Instructor of Russian Martial Art training, Russian Systema Spetsnaz, Hand-to-Hand combat (20+ years of experience).

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