Russian Martial Arts DVD – Systema Spetsnaz VS Boxing. How to Fight and Beat a Boxer. Hand to Hand Combat. Self-Defense Training Video

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Instructional Martial Arts DVD Video to learn how to fight and beat an opponent stronger than you.

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In this Russian Systema DVD, you will learn how to win against such a strong opponent as a boxer! Gain priceless self-defense skills against an opponent stronger than you! The strike of a boxer is distinguished by its speed and target precision. Watch examples of real sparring of Systema Spetsnaz fighter against professional boxers, karate experts, wrestlers and other fighters with 8+ years of martial arts experience.  Learn practical knowledge of how to fight a boxer, distraction strikes and counter-attacks, how to re-directing boxer’s strikes and move away from a line of attack, advanced self defense techniques against an opponent that stronger than you, offensive and defensive techniques and much more! This Russian Spetsnaz DVD is also great for boxers who want to enrich their knowledge and strengthen their hand to hand combat skills.  The knowledge of boxers’ weaknesses will increase your chance of victory! A bonus section: Psychological aspects of combat. You will learn how to create an invisible contact with your opponent and control his consciousness, changing the direction of his target.   PROFESSIONAL BOXER IS DEFEATED BY A SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ FIGHTER. WANT TO KNOW HOW TO FIGHT AND BEAT A BOXER? WATCH THIS RUSSIAN MARTIAL ARTS DVD AND SHARPEN YOUR HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT TECHNIQUES!

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