Sports Hoop Hula Hoop Workout DVD -Lead By Heather Lipson, Hooping Tutorial and How-to Moves

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Sports Hoop Hula Hoop Exercise Workout Routine lead by Heather Lipson

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Learn how to get the best workout out from your weighted hula hoop. This professional Workout Class is designed for all hula hoop users. This DVD include 10 sections and has a total of 50 minlutes workout routine. Class designed by Heather Lipson.
Sports Hoop Work out Class 2
Class contains 10 sections, 50 minutes total
Sections include:
1. Wake up the body 2. Just hoop 3. Hoop plus 4. Arms 5. Legs 6. Ballet-booty 7. Balance beam 8. Beams plus 9. Abs 10. Stretch cool down .

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