Systema Spetsnaz – Russian Hand to Hand Combat DVD #2: Elements & Exercises Part 1

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MARTIAL ART INSTRUCTIONAL DVD to build physical strength, coordination, and endurance

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RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ DVD #3 – ELEMENTS AND EXERCISES This Martial Art Training DVD will prepare your body for street self-defense training in close hand to hand combat. Watch this instructional video to: 1. Build physical strength, coordination and endurance 2. Improve body flexibility and Develop joints, ligaments and tendons 3. Bring your body to its best shape and be ready for reality-based self defense training 4. Learn 50+ practical, easy to follow combat exercises and special fighting training techniques to bring your Martial Arts training for a new level 5. This Systema DVD will benefit all Martial Arts styles and Self-Defense Systems: taekwondo, krav maga, muay thai, karate, aikido, wing chun, kendo, boxing and kickboxing, ninjutsu, brazilian jiu jitsu, hapkido, shotokan, judo, tai chi and all other hand to hand combat schools. 6. Recommended for beginners and advanced martial artists SYSTEMA TRAINING INSTRUCTOR: VADIM STAROV, the President and Chief-Instructor of Russian Martial Art Training centeer, Russian Systema Spetsnaz, Hand-to-Hand combat (20+ years of experience). DVD Chapters: General Conditioning Exercises Special Combat Training Exercises Pull-ups, Push-ups and Circular Motion Exercises Power Development Complex Tension, Relaxation and Wave Motion Developing Joints, Ligaments and Tendons Stretching the Muscles, Building Strength and Endurance. Language: English. Running Time – 59 min.

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