The Ultimate Core and Lower Back Relief Program DVD By 24Seven Wellness & Living. Pilates Based Abdominal Exercises Developed to Provide Lower Back Pain Relief Through Strong and Powerful Abs.

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Unique Core Exercises Developed to Improve Posture and Provide Lower Back Pain Relief

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We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all read about it. We all know we should be working it! But what is it? Where is it? What Benefit will it be to us if we do? All these questions and more, will be answered in postural alignment expert, Cheryl Alker’s Core for Life DVD! Cheryl Alker has been working in the health and well being industry for over 30 years and has worked with top athletes, people with hip replacements and everyone in between. Specializing in back pain relief this DVD is essential for anyone suffering with back pain. Cheryl unravels the mysteries of achieving a powerful and stable core, so you are able to enjoy life with a strong and healthy back, improved posture and superior levels of balance and strength. Her teaching methods are clear and concise making the program easy to follow whether you have a fitness background or not. Using muscle diagrams you are given and in depth insight to exactly how to isolate these vital group of muscles. Cheryl uses small, precise movements that focus attention, and her use of clear illustrations helps you to focus your attention in the right place. This DVD introduces a very unique method called the “internal lift” which teaches you how to pull your stomach in to make a wall. Gain a leaner and more defined waistline. Learn how to strengthen from the inside out and develop each layer of the abdominal muscles. If you thought you knew how to access and strengthen this vital group of muscles, think again. The Core for Life DVD is essential for people of all ages. From Office workers to top athletes. It is a vital tool for anyone suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain. The DVD is 70 minutes long – 10 min intro, 15 mins explaining how to incorporate the incredible “internal lift” into your every day life and a 45 min workout.

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