Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps Special Ops Workout DVD

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3 Advanced Total-Body Workouts for 22 Minute Hard Corps

Item Description:

Ready to push your fitness farther? Then add more variety to your 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS program with 3 advanced workouts designed to blow the roof off your limits…and your results. 3 ADVANCED TOTAL-BODY WORKOUTS: SPECIAL OPS RESISTANCE. Three rounds of 5 advanced exercises that incorporate the variable-resistance PT Sandbag to search and destroy any weakness. SPECIAL OPS CARDIO. These weighted cardio exercises utilize the PT Sandbag to boost endurance and obliterate calories with extreme prejudice. SPECIAL OPS CORE. This elite 10-move core workout hits your midsection hard to leave you ripped and ready for action.

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