TurboFire DVD Workout Starter Pack

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Top Feature :
2 DVDs with four workouts (over 93 minutes)

Item Description:

This is how to get your fire started! New to intense workouts like TurboFire®? Or want to move like Chalene Johnson? Then the Fire Starter Pack is for you! It includes: Get Fired Up Chalene guides you through the TurboFire program to prepare you for the challenge and help you get the best results. Fire Starter Class Chalene breaks down every move you’ll do in TurboFire. So if you’re new to class, you’ll get started on the right foot. Or, if you’re a TurboFire fanatic, you’ll learn how to perfect your form to become a true knockout! Low HIIT 20 and Low HIIT 25 Classes Chalene will show you how to burn fat the low-impact way. But low impact doesn’t mean low intensity! Use these to build up to or take a breather from the high impact HIIT workouts. Stretch 10 Class Increase your flexibility through yoga and special stretching techniques that help you create long, sexy muscles.

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