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4 DVDs for a complete total-body workout experience (see individual products for more detail).

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Join International fitness educator Laurie Denomme for WECOACH. Most exercise programs focus only on moves in a front to back motion. WECOACH delivers something better–we move the body in all 6 directions to strengthen weaknesses throughout the body and help you get the results you deserve. Water and land formats make workouts easy to do – any time, any place. In MOVEMENTS FOR MOBILITY you will experience a new twist on familiar exercises to reduce pain and stiffness. MOVEMENTS FOR KNEES & HIPS focuses on improving lower body mobility and strength with less stress on the joints to reduce knee and hip pain. In MOVEMENTS FOR ABS & BACK improve core strength and stability using simple changes to body position. Finally, in HI-YO Intervals burn massive calories in a workout appropriate for all fitness levels. Flexibility, strength & cardio – these workouts have it all! Get all 4 WECOACH DVDs for a complete program. Simple. Proven. Effective. Join the movement!

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