Weight Watchers: Punch! 3 Complete Workouts

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3 Complete Workouts on DVD Adjustable Weighted Gloves 10 Week Exercise Tracker

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Punch, squat and kick your way to fitness! Punch! is a new low-impact workout filled with powerful boxing-inspired moves designed to help you burn calories and firm your body. With this nonstop workout, you’ll feel like you’ve conquered basic training. The key to Punch! is that it incorporates weighted boxing-style gloves that were specifically created to enhance the benefits of aerobic activity (without the risk of overextending your arms with heavier weights). Gloves are made of soft, long-lasting neoprene with an open-palm design that fits comfortably across the back of your hands. They have quick-release closures with finger and thumb holds. The enclosed DVD features three super-fun workouts-progressing from beginner (30 minutes), to intermediate (35 minutes), to advanced (45 minutes). The workouts- designed specifically for Weight Watchers® members-are high energy, but low impact so they’re easy on your joints.

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