Weight Watchers: Yoga Starter Kit

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Item ASIN: B009C30MDQ
Top Feature :
YOGA Strap and YOGA block DVD with 2 Complete Workouts 10 Week Exercise Tracker

Item Description:

Start moving, stretching and toning. This kit contains the tools you need to start enjoying one of the most popular forms of exercise. Yoga is a great way to firm up the body, strengthen the core and improve both balance and posture. But the real secret to yoga is how good it makes you feel! With gentle stretching for increased flexibility and rejuvenating breath work for some much needed relaxation, this is an activity program you can actually ENJOY. This kit includes two of the most versatile yoga tools plus a DVD with two 30 minute workouts. These routines are specially-designed to work your whole body and leave you feeling strong, energized and balanced. With “starter” and “advanced” versions of the exercises, it’s easy to get started and go at your own pace. This is a simple way to increase your daily activity and a fun addition to your weight loss plan. The enclosed DVD features two workouts that can be used either separately or back-to-back for short and long workout options that fit in any schedule! Also included inside are a woven cotton strap and a comfort-sized yoga block. These tools are must-haves for anyone new to yoga but can be beneficial at all skill levels. The block and strap assist in stretching, help modify exercises for varying degrees of flexibility and are used to tone muscle.

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