Yoga for Runners [official] with Lucas Rockwood DVD | by YOGABODY

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Top Feature :
Pre-Run Warm-Up Stretches:6 dynamic, full-body warm-up stretches in one pre-run routine (takes 2-4 minutes to complete). Easy-to-follow video with verbal and visual cues.

Item Description:

Join this at-home course to learn stretching exercises that will keep you limber, mobile, and injury free. Warm-up stretches take just 2-4 minutes to complete, and after your run, your flexibility training takes 15 minutes and can also be done before bed. This one-two stretching combo can have a dramatic impact your body, posture, and running performance.These HD videos come on a sleek DVD that can be used with any PC or Mac computer-or on any DVD Player. Use these tutorials ad hoc or watch and practice the entire series of poses during one session – it’s up to you! Full-color pose chart included for quick reference.

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