Yoga Sweat Yoga DVD for Weight Loss with Julie Schoen – Powerful and Fun Yoga

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80 Minutes Of Invigorating And Playful Yoga Workouts For Ultimate Weight Loss – Try For Yourself Now – Risk Free! Click “Add To Cart” And Buy Now

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YOU HAVE NEVER LOOKED AND FELT SO GOOD! ALL THANKS TO THIS INCREDIBLE NEW FAT-BUSTING YOGA WORKOUT… Julie Schoen, yoga trainer, author, and founder of, is ready to make you sweat with her all new yoga workout. Traditional yoga poses mixed with her creative flowing style, Julie will show you how effective yoga is for losing weight, toning your body from head to toe, and working out in a fun and effective way. Yoga Sweat features two 30-minute workouts and a 10-minute warm up and 10-minute cool down. Choose to do the entire 80-minute workout or take 30 minute to focus specifically on target spots like legs, glutes, arms, back, and core. So, are you ready to sweat? Are you ready to lose weight, tone up, and feel better than ever? •-> Session 1: Focus on burning calories and building heat •-> Flow through fun and effective yoga poses specifically designed for toning and strengthening legs and glutes •-> Burn fat easily and lose weight •-> Session 2: Keep the sweat going with a vigorous sequence of yoga poses •-> Strengthen arms, back, and core •-> Flatten your midsection quickly with tummy toners •-> Challenge yourself with balance moves •-> Be amazed at the results you’ll see in just weeks! Lose Weight, Tone Your Body, Look and Feel Sexy or Your Money Back – 100% Guaranteed! Don’t wait a day longer to start transforming your body with yoga now! Just click the Add to Cart button now at the top of this page and try the best yoga for weight loss workout today!

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