Zumba Fitness Tone Up DVD System

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Tone up while you get down! Redefine your upper body workout w/ this ultimate arm party in 5 body sculpting DVDs.

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TONE UP WHILE YOU GET DOWN ARMS, BACK AND CORE SCULPTING SYSTEM Zumba Fitness brings the party home with the Tone Up DVD System featuring 5 DVDs, Toning Sticks, a Program guide, and a Nutrition Guide. Redefine your upper body workout with this ultimate arm party! The Zumba Tone Up DVD System will strengthen your shoulders, back, arms and core while you get lost in amazingly fun dance-fitness workouts. Easy-to-follow moves set to Latin and World rhythms will have you burning calories and seeing a more defined upper body in no time. INCLUDES DVD-1 TONING 101- Learn the basic Zumba Toning steps needed to get you geared up and headed towards some serious fun and results. AMAZING ABS- Enjoy Zumba Sentao chair techniques paired with awesome dance-fitness steps for a quick ab-blasting, core-shaping workout! DVD 2- TARGET AND TONE- Two targeted dance-fitness workouts designed to pump you (and that upper body!) up. SHOULDERS/BACK- Bring sexy (to your) back and shoulders with this dance-fitness workout. Lift, sculp and work those muscles! BICEPS/TRICEPS- Target your tri’s and bi’s as you sculpt, dance, sweat and shake-shake-shake! Rock result-driven moves and have some fun. DVD 3- ZUMBA SENTAO- In a fat-burning, total-body Zumba Sentao workout using the chair as your dance partner, this routine combines strength training, resistance training and innovative dance moves to deliver fun and effective results. DVD 4- 30 MINUTE BURN- Move, shake it and feel the burn with a high energy, calorie-torching live class experience. Latin and World rhythms will keep you comin’ back for more. 2.5 LB ZUMBA TONING STICKS- Maraca-like weights help you sculpt, tone and lean out your upper body. PROGRAM GUIDE- Featuring Weekly Workout Planner, Training Zone Guide, stretches and more. NUTRITION GUIDE- Healthy recipes and nutrition tips for maximum results.

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